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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Palin finaly names a source for her information on the world.

...her Starbucks Mocha cup 'Quote of the Day'

She misquoted too. Albright said "help other women" not "support". But it doesn't surprise me that she miss quoted- not because I think she is dumb, no, I think she is terribly smart and savvy. If she had read the quote as is it may have called into question Palin's refusal to 'help' women in her own town of Wasilla by charging the cost of rape kits to victim's insurance companies. Granted, this practice was not isolated to Wasilla but it makes me wonder- If she is so dedicated to 'helping' other women why did she not see the injustice and insult in this practice and move to have it abolished?

Well, at least we now have a glimpse of the sources Sarah Palin uses for her information on the world- a Starbucks cup.

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