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Friday, October 10, 2008

Another Country- McCain style.

There was a time in this election, not so long ago, that the prospect of a McCain administration didn't *really* bother me. I'm not one to vote Republican so I wasn't going to actually vote for him but I figured even if he won I wouldn't be disheartened, I wouldn't be scared and I wouldn't be driven back into my George Bush induced apathy hole. I had a certain respect for McCain and just knew he had to be better than Bush.

I have had a 180 degree reversal. I am now more afraid of a McCain administration than ever.

Let's be clear- I like Obama, I support him and I am inspired by him. But I have had my reservations. He is 'fresh' and that is both positive and worrisome. Positive in that I think a new perspective is needed, worrisome in that if he makes one 'mistake' or err in judgment I'm afraid we will have a backlash in the vein of a Neo-Con New World Order in 2012. I mean, isn't Obamamania a direct result of where the Bush Administration has left us- desperate for change, any change?
I was torn between Clinton and Obama. I respect Hillary's accomplishments and think she could have been good. But I didn't feel 'great' from her. I felt politics as usual-just in a skirt. And that's not the kind of change I'm looking for. I must say though, I hope she retools her schitck and we hear from her again. She does have a lot to offer but I think she needs to shrug off the old school politics and start a new school. And that school's first student should be Sarah Plain.
But I'm not here to talk about Palin- just McCain. Which brings me back to my original point.

McCain's campaign has taken a turn for the despicable. He has let go of the reins and fanned the flames of hate all to gain votes. To continue to feed the fire with lies and conjecture is beyond irresponsible- it is civil treason. He is effectively dividing this country into "us" and "them" and using racism, fear and ignorance to get to do it. Country first? I don't think so. Unless McCain's goal is even more conniving than we are willing to believe and his real goal is to divide this nation into 'whites' and 'others' in a way we have not seen in 50 years.
Whether he intends to or not, if McCain continues on this path he will effectively create another country. One where anyone with the name Hussein is suspect and community organizing is akin to socialist terrorism. One where women are just there to work the crowd and wink- no real input needed thanks. One where it doesn't matter what the truth is, only what you can get people to believe- no matter the consequences.
We all know hate is out there- we can't stop it. But should we stand by while leaders in this country encourage it? Should we elect a man who refuses to denounce this type of racist hatred for the next potential President? Should John McCain be let off the hook for race bating- no matter how 'soft' it is? Emphatically, no.
Make no mistake- when these people call Obama a 'terrorist' you can hear 'nigger' in the subtext.
Is this the country we want?

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Bacon Lady said...

I couldn't even finish watching the second one.

From what I can tell, McCain supporters all watch Fox News and listen to Rush and slurp up every last drop of the drivel.

I'm scared, Kate.