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Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Breakdown

So here is what I get when I compare the education and career paths of Barak Obama and Sarah Palin.
Obama has grown up with a world view. Palin- not so much.
Obama's early education was in political science and his early career in community developement and economics- Considering where he is now, this tells me that he has always had an interest in being a public servant and really is interested in bringing about a change for the better in this country. Anyone who has worked for a non-profit will tell you- it is often frustrating thankless work. Most people that work in the non-profit world are there to make a difference-not to pad their political CV.
Palin's early life tells me she had a rather narrow view of the world. I can forgive that because many bright people have not gone far from home. The problem with this is that she never broadened this world view and never even had a passport until last year. This- and the fact that she can not easily reference any news periodicals she reads on a regular basis- tell me she really has no interest in what is going on elsewhere in the world. Never having attempted to even see the world upon which she now wishes to inflict her brand of policy and diplomacy is telling. That may be an unfair judgment but so be it. I figure if you are clamoring for the second highest office in this country you're up for harsh judgment.
Obama then went on to teach constitutional law which tells me that he has a good understanding of what is constitutional and what is not. He knows the law of the land so to speak.
Palin was a sports reporter. No constitutional significance there. In fact I question her ability to fully recognize constitutional rights seeing as she has not always respected the separation of church and state in her own career as governor of Alaska- with 'abstinence only' education, opposition to all cases of abortion and the mere musing of banning books.
I think I favor the candidate who can separate his personal religious leanings from his duty to uphold the constitution.
Let's see, where was I...oh yeah.
Many Palin supporters say she has more executive experience than Barak Obama because she was a mayor and is a governor. Well, in that case she has more experience than her running mate. What's more is I would rather have a leader who respects he constitution- not make laws in spite of it.

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