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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The CVs

OK. The VP debates are tomorrow and I can not wait to see the show. Between Biden's foot-in-mouth disease and Palin's complete inability to form a coherent thought it should be an interesting show.
All Biden has to do is not screw up. So Joe, keep it in check, stick to the facts and don't get ahead of yourself.

In the mean time let's compare the career paths of Barak Obama and Sarah Palin. I know, I know- they are not technically running against each other. But Obama and Palin are the two candidates in this election who have generated the most vehement, and often blind, backing from their supporters and I'm trying to figure out why. Let's break it down:

Barak Obama born 1961
1961-1979 raised between Jakarta and Hawaii
1980-1982 years at Occidental College in L.A.
Graduated from Columbia
- Political Science/International Relations
1983- employed by Business International Corporation
1984- employed by New York Public Interest Research Group
1985 -1988 community organizer in Chicago
-director of Developing Communities Project
1988-1991 attended Harvard Law "
1992- directed Illinois Project Vote
1992-2004 taught constitutional law at U of C
1993-1996 joined law firm specializing in civil rights litigation and neighborhood economic development
1997-2004 served in the Illinois Senate
2004 Democratic National Convention Keynote Speaker
2005- current U.S. Senator

Sarah Palin born 1964
1964-1982- raised in Alaska
1982- 1 semester at Hawaii Pac. U.
1983- 2 semesters North Idaho
1984- contestant in 2 beauty pageants
1987- B.A. University of Idaho journalism
1988- sports reporter WKTUU
1992- Wasilla City Council
1995- Wasilla city council
1996-2002 Mayor of Wasilla
2003-2005 served as a director of Ted Stevens Excellence in Public Service, Inc."*
2006-Present- Governor of Alaska

(*) a group designed to provide political training for Republican women in Alaska

I'm tired now- we'll discuss this tomorrow.

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