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Monday, February 9, 2009

Spring is springing...

But I'm sure it won't last. it IS only February after all. All this great weather, and this weekend's overindulgence in booze and bacon, make me realize that another cleanse is in order. So, for the month of march I will be heading down the healthy path once again. I work out the details of my cleanse and post more later but for now I just had to announce it because once you post it in the internet, it's real gosh darn it! LOL
March is 19 days away so 2 and a half weeks to say good by to all the wine, bacon, sugar and bread in my house.


Michelle Conaway said...

Sugar and bread are my friends. No kidding. And they're cheap. Cheap is good.

Good for you though with the whole body cleanse pursuit though. I am interested in the details. It would be good for me to do something along those lines (I'm keeping my sugar and bread damnit! LOL).

susan said...

Yo mam is going to be there on Mar. finish the cleanse a day early. Unwholesome food and some likker will be required!!