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Monday, September 29, 2008

The Fire Next Time

Here is an excerpt of a response I made on a friend's blog regarding the debate:

"As much as we, as a nation, would like to believe that because Obama has made it this far means that latent racism isn't an issue I think it is more of an issue now than ever. Obama has to be completely aware of his demeanor at all times lest he come off as an angry or uppity black man. If there was even a hint of disrespect towards or attack on McCain it would play out- in the minds of many undecided voters- as a racial issue even though you and I know it is not. If you noticed- Obama took every chance he could to point out where he and McCain were in agreement and show respect for McCain's service to the country. I don't recall McCain responding in kind- because he doesn't have to. McCain has merely to show up and be McCain because racially he is validated in this country- Obama has more weight to carry in this arena and I believe he carried it well. Now, this is not to say that Obama was being an Uncle Tom by respecting the political common ground he and McCain share. Far from it. He gave just enough respect and just enough fire to keep himself on a plateau with McCain which is really what he needed to do to show those undecided voters why they need to, perhaps, stay undecided for the time being and tune in for the next debate where I hope Obama will turn up the heat and make some head way.
This is why I give it to Obama."

He then sent me this article from The Root. It was nice to feel like I wasn't totally imagining things. I've been thinking more about this issue since I posted that response and I think that if Obama does show fire and is too 'fiesty' then I imagine that the day after the debate we will be seeing ads that show him next to video of Rev. Wright with the tag line "Do we really want this kind of leadership? (I'm John McCain and I approve this message)" or some such mess.
I honestly think that is one of the reasons Rev. Wright was ever even an issue in this election- they needed some "angry black racist America hater' material in the bank to pull out if Obama makes one false move.

The Republicans are trying to create a false image of Obama based on the racial fears in this country and they are waiting for him to fill in the gaps and prove them right.


Matt Plavnick said...

Nice space, Kate. I'm looking forward to reading more.

k.m.a. said...

Wow my first comment! Woohoo! Thanks Matt- sorry it took me so long to see it. Kids keep ya busy. Haha!